Write better content, faster with A.I.

Using industry leading text based artificial intelligence, we offer a premium product to help marketers, copywriters, writers and businesses of all sizes make better content, faster.


Plan the ultimate heist

Our mission is to bring you the best AI content generating tools on the market.

Custom AI Models
Our consulting approach allows us to create individual solutions for your business
World Class Outputs
Our knowledge and expertise to use the right technology to get the best outputs is unmatched
Integrate & Automate
Automation is central to everything we strive for. We want you to save time and use AI on your terms

Short or Long Form Content

Through Content Villain, you can build out longer text with our beautiful document system. At any time, you can use the "write for me" button to let the AI destroy your writer's block or use any of the 100+ Short Form AI Generators and add the generations directly to the document. It couldn't be easier!


Don't Limit yourself to one provider. We are experts at using them all

Choose your plan

Test Drive



5 days trial of everything available in the Warrior Plan for you to see whether Content Villain works for your needs.

  • Unlimited Use (Web App)
  • Long Form Content
  • Webhook Functionality
  • DIY Custom Model Creator


Stick around for a while


Perfect for those who want to get content written fast and regularly. Start smashing out your content goals today!

  • Unlimited Use (Web App)
  • Long Form Content
  • Webhook Functionality
  • DIY Custom Model Creator

Power User

The power is unreal!


Full access to everything Content Villain has to offer including our powerful API so you can start to use our models on your own terms!

  • Unlimited Use (Web App)
  • Long Form Content
  • Webhook Functionality
  • Personal Onboarding
  • DIY Custom Model Creator
  • API Access

Content Villain just becomes my go-to A.I. tool for doing product descriptions and ads now

Business Owner

There are A.I. content writers and then there's Content Villain. This one's a must have for the ability to create custom models!


The founder's automation business background make this so different to any other tool in the market.

Marketing Agency Owner

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